Greetings Readers,

KAlesnar.jpg Greetings Readers,
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We lift up our hearts, O God,
on this day of celebration in gratitude,
for the gift of being Americans.
We rejoice with all those who share
in the great dream of freedom
and dignity for all.
With flags and feasting,
with family and friends,
we salute those who have sacrificed,
that we might have the opportunity
to bring to fulfillment
our many God-given gifts.
As we deny all prejudice
a place in our hearts,
may we also clearly declare
our intention to work for the time
when all people,
regardless of race, religion, or sex,
will be granted equal dignity
and worth.
Come, O gracious God,
who led your children Israel from slavery,
keep us free from all
that might hold us in bondage.
Bless our country and join
our simple celebration,
that we may praise you,
our Source of freedom,
the One in whom we place our trust.
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