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KAlesnar.jpgIn this issue of the Shopping News, we have the Dakotafest -August 19-21 at the Schlaffman Farm, Mitchell. Check out our center section for event details and messages from agricultural businesses.

There is a big difference between “knowledge” & “knowing.”
There is a major difference between learning something and
applying it to your life.
Another common misnomer is that “knowledge is power.”
Once again, untrue. Knowledge is nothing more than
organized information—organized information will do
nothing for you in and of itself.
How many know what to do and yet…
they don’t do anything with what they know?
Knowledge is an intellectual process.
Knowing is a spiritual/emotional process.
Knowledge comes from acquiring information.
Knowing comes from ownership.
How can you continually move from
knowledge to knowing—from education to ownership?
Ownership comes from 3 keys:
Learn what it is you want to know, apply it to your daily
life, and never stop using that knowledge!
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