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  • A mentor should be wiser (but not necessarily older). They should be a very good listener and should neither interrupt nor fade out when you are speaking.
  • They don’t necessarily need to be an expert on the particular topic, provided they don’t pretend to be an expert.
  • They should have strong self-esteem, such that they don’t need to be a mentor. (If they need to be a mentor, then they will advise you in such a way as to make you dependent on them.)
  • That person should be an affirming presence in your life — they should really believe in you and your ideas.
  • However, they should also not be afraid to confront you when they think you are wrong.
  • They should never attempt to make a decision for you, even if you are consciously or unconsciously pushing them to do so.
  • A good mentor should be objective in regard to the decision you are considering. Ideally then, they should be out of the circle of people who are affected by the decision.
  • In other words, they should not be a close member of the family, an immediate superior at work, or a best friend. Where would you find such a mentor? Chances are, there is already someone in your life who has the qualities of a good mentor and with whom you have enjoyed visiting with in the past. Perhaps this person is right under your nose: a neighbor, an aunt, a priest, a church member, or a coworker.
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