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President Woodrow Wilson once pointed out that
“A man’s rootage is more important than his leafage.”
What others see are the leaves, the outside.
What they can’t see are the roots,
the values and principles that ground a person.
Character is grown from a good system of roots.…
People of character live from the inside out.
Their convictions guide their actions.
Their principles govern their lives.
People of character have both the strength and grace
to give their best to the world.
To their enemy they give forgiveness.
To an outsider, understanding.
To a friend, their heart.
To their children, a good example.
To their mates, faithfulness.
To their parents, respect.
To themselves, gentleness.
To all people, kindness.
Strong roots produce a strong character.
And a strong character is needed to give one’s best to life.
When the tree’s roots are well tended,
the leaves will be full and healthy.
People with “character” are not the people that
go on about how they have character.
Character is shown through how they live their lives.
If someone has to tell people they have character, they don’t.
But, if you make a mistake—do or say something you’re not proud
of, don’t fret. Start over each day trying to do the best you can.
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