Greetings Readers,

This week in the Shopping News, we have Memorial Day. Keep this official program to take along to the program on Monday, May 30 at the VA Health Care System grounds at 10:30 AM.

The finest tribute we can pay
unto our hero dead today,
is not a rose wreath, white and red,
in memory of the blood they shed.
It is to stand beside each mound,
each couch of consecrated ground,
and pledge ourselves as warriors true
unto the work they died to do.
Into God’s valleys where they lie,
at rest, beneath the open sky.
triumphant now o’er every foe,
as living tributes let us go.
No wreath of rose or immortelles,
or spoken word or tolling bells,
will do today, unless we give
our pledge that liberty shall live.
Our hearts must be the roses red,
we place above our hero dead.
Today beside their graves we must
renew allegiance to their trust.
Must bare our heads and humbly say
we hold the Flag as dear as they.
And stand, as once they stood, to die
to keep the Stars and Stripes on high.
The finest tribute we can pay
unto our hero dead today,
is not of speech or roses red,
but living, throbbing hearts instead,
that shall renew the pledge they sealed,
with death upon the battlefield:
that freedom’s flag shall bear no stain,
and free men wear no tyrant’s chain.

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