Greetings Readers,

KAlesnar.jpg Greetings Readers,
In this week’s issue of the Shopping News, you’ll find National Dairy Month! Plus, look for our Summer Funin’ Magazine inserted in the paper!

When we are given our rewards:
I would prefer to be found erring on the side of grace, rather than judgment.
To have loved too much, rather than too little.
To have forgiven the undeserving, rather than to have refused forgiveness to one who deserved it.
To have fed a vagabond,
rather than to have neglected one who was truly hungry.
To have been taken advantage of, rather than to have taken undue advantage.
To have believed too much in others, rather than too little.
To have been wrong on the side of too much trust,
rather than too much cynicism.
To have believed the best and been wrong,
rather than to have believed the worst and been right.
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