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KAlesnar.jpgHave you hit a few potholes? In the Shopping News this week, you’ll fi nd Spring Car Care! Also, we have Insurance Industry and Business Boom.


The first snow fall’s elation has long past, the gray dreary days of winter seem to last and last. I miss the warmth of the sun on my skin,and the smell in the air when Spring begins. As I linger in bed this damp and chilly morn, in my mind I pretend that spring has dawned. That the weeks have gone by and Winter’s winds no longer blow, I dream I get up and peer out my window. The grass is so green and lush under my bare feet, while birds are all in a rush to start their next fleet. Of minstrels who will sing away the chill, rejuvenating my soul and giving my heart a thrill. A kaleidoscope of flowers to titillate my senses,almost blinding my eyes with their brilliant colors. Filling my nose with their aromatic odors, perfuming my skin as I bathe in the sunshine’s glimmer. The mild breeze blowing through my hair, makes me feel like I don’t have a care, except for the pleasure of the gifts on this season, blue soft skies above and sweet smelling earth the reason. In between I am sandwiched, renewed and all a glow,Winter is beautiful with its white and fluffy blanket of snow,but I am fickle and I love variation, like all humans I get wearied of the lack of vegetation! I love all four seasons, with each one comes a reason. But now it is Spring that I need, impatient as always and excited indeed. For nature and its miracles is a gift to me!
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