Dave Ramsey


Dave Says - September 15, 2014

Some friends recently offered me a timeshare ...

Dave Says - September 9, 2014

My husband and I have been living on a budget for a few months ...


I love my 56 year old brother - he's always been my hero. I'm age 54. Just four years ago he called asking me to co-sign student loans for his 2 sons totaling $14,000. You see, he???d just lost his $400,000/year job and stopped making payments on his golf course house but rented it for $30,000 while in default.... Why help this man? He had bad credit and need my good credit. In my eyes he could do no wrong ??? he???s my brother and he told me "I'll probably pay you back in 1 year" . I was also hurting, I???d lost my job in 2008 during the Las Vegas bust, I???d spent my $100,000 savings to get out of my upside down mortgage, went through a divorce, was raising my 3 kids under age 7 alone, their drug addict mom MIA both financially and physically. I had sole custody. So.....this year 2014 I called my brother telling him to pay off the loan and he said "It's not my loan"...... OMG, that's not what I thought. So, hating debt I paid off his children???s student loans..... maybe they'll pay me back in 15 years, maybe not. Today 6 years after jobless and divorce I???m raising 3 kids alone, have no debt and beginning to save money for a house retirement....MORAL OF STORY - TAKING CARE OF OTHERS then expecting them to take care of me is foolish. Money changes even the most trusted relationships. PRINCIPLE: Each person is responsible for himself ??? NEVER LEND YOUR NAME OR CREDIT. This Summer I learned he just sent his kid to Australia and bought her a message during a beach house wedding celebration he bought for his son in So. Calif. Yet - he still has no cash to pay me back- he says he???s broke. EVEN LOVED ONES WILL LET YOU DOWN WHEN IT COMES TO MONEY.
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