Dave Ramsey


Dave Says - April 25, 2016

I know when it comes to investing you like mutual funds and paid-for real estate. What do you think about using condominiums as investment properties instead of single-family homes?

We found the fire

The greatest Christmas present I have ever received was the "The total money makeover" audio book from my wife. I listened to it traveling 30 minutes to and from work. Having grown up thinking the American way meant payments, I decided to change our family tree. After trying to sell our house for a year I devised a plan full of spreadsheets with future goals and pitched it to my wife. She agreed and we took our house off the market and got to work breaking some chains. We were amazed at the progress we made in only one year as we cut our debts in half. We got so good I started thinking it was me? At the end of our two year plan we were going to put our house back on the market and move up to accommodate our growing family. I made a mistake in thinking it would probably take a year to sell our house, so we put it on the market one year from the day we planned to be debt free. As you can imagine it sold almost immediately and we found and moved into our dream house. With this new house came the new furniture we "needed" along with a lot of other stuff. Before we knew it we were going the other way again. Luckily we were approached to teach FPU at our local church because they knew we were Dave Ramsey believers even though we had taken a personal "short cut". My wife and I said we would do it but had made a commitment to each other that we would not teach things we could not do ourselves. So we made a commitment and started the baby steps again following Daves plan 100% this time which including unplugging our retirement. That still makes me cringe as both our employers does a match. Little did I know how that very fact help keep us on tract so we could plug back in as soon as we were debt free with an emergency fund in place. Through teaching that class we found the fire again and were able to make up the ground we lost and pay off the remaining debt of $40K in only 12 months. We got behind twice and I sold my truck and UTV to get my family back on track. The UTV especially became a shock to my family, friends and neighbors as they all enjoyed it, but we as a family had bigger plans ahead. Part of our commitment was driving 1.5 hrs to Nashville to stand in front of the man with our two daughters and scream "I'm debt free." That's been a year ago and I still watch the video on youtube almost weekly. If you find yourself wondering what the view is like on this side, please trust me, its beautiful. For our family's future and the future of family we have yet to meet, we drew our line in the sand and will never pick those chains up again. Please draw your own line and join us on this side.


We are FINALLY debt free!!!! We started this process many years ago and were ALMOST there until.... we decided we'd like a bigger house and that came with more toys. Life happens lol. I am the nerd in the family and have always kept my notebook with the bills written down and the debt snowball rolling. We finally paid off the last thing this month. I don't think it's set it yet that we DID IT!!! My husband and I are both in our 40's and have retirement but weren't really sure if it was the right place to have it. SO..I contacted our ELP and now we have a plan for retirement, for saving for our youngest one's college and LIFE IS GOOD when you know what you are doing. Thank you to Dave Ramsey and to our ELP for making this dream come true! GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!!!! :)
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