Dave Ramsey


Dave Says - July 21, 2014

My wife and I have $25,000 in credit card debt, $2,500 in medical bills and $89,000 each in student loan debt ...

One Year Results!

Started the plan 1 year ago! We paid off $101,718.63 making $125,000/year!!! We are debt free EXCEPT for our mortgage.

Budgeting was the biggest thing, but I looked at EVERY outgoing dollar and made adjustments! We cashed two whole life policies and purchased term for a check for almost $20,000.00. We sold our motorcyle for $10,000.00. We got a bonus at work worth $8,000.00. We traded down in car and netted $7,000.00. We got rid of cable, called and asked for cheaper internet (and got it), transferred my cell phone to my daughters plan and it saved me $35/month and also saved HER!! I got quotes for car insurance, boat insurance and homeowners insurance from another company and was able to save more than $1500/year and raising deductibles helped too. We even cancelled an extended warranty on our boat!

As the debts became smaller, it helped to motivate us to spend less. No shopping trips in one whole year! Just groceries and necessities only!

We did sacrifice but were still able to eat out occasionally. No drinks or appetizers and it wasn't very often.

Getting ready to lead an FPU class soon! I can't wait as I have not yet attended a class. I'm kind of nervous!!!

Dave Says - July 14, 2014

My mom is 71 and debt-free. She's investing $600 a month in a universal life policy ...
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