Dave Ramsey


Dave Says - November 30, 2015

The guy who has been my best friend since grade school recently asked me to loan him $5,000. All I have in savings in $5,000, but I would be willing to give him $1,000 ...

Dave Says - November 23, 2015

How do you have a wedding without debt?

New life style in our 20's

My husband and I got married in 2009. I also graduated college in 2009 and he's in the military. I bounced around for over a year before I finally landed my first "career" job. I remember looking back on those days and knowing how little money we had. It was hard. After we both were contributing to a nice income (my career job, his moving up in rank significantly), we felt good. We were able to do more things that we wanted. It didn't change the fact that we would go out on the weekend and then dread looking at our bank on Monday. There were even a few times I remember having to pay overdraft fees.

We started the 10 steps in February 2012. In the beginning we were incredibly tight and watched every penny. Now I give a little more leniency but the program still works for us. We started with $132K (cars, student loans, credit cards) and we've paid off about $70K in almost 4 years. Maybe not the best progress but as a young family we had no guidance to start out and have come a long way. Dave Ramsey changed us. Changed our way of life and we can see the results of that. This month I was finally able to do a spend down plan. We're on target to make our last debt payment in October 2018. We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and after 4 years, it gives us renewed motivation to finish step 2.

We live comfortably. We have better finances than any of our friends. But most importantly we have something to fall back on. If ever we feel like impulse buying or going further into debt, we remember what we're trying to do. We want to be debt free!
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