Dave Ramsey


Dave Says - July 6, 2015

I own a rental property that brings in enough to pay the taxes and insurance with a little left over. Recently, I found out that my tenant, who just signed a new two-year lease, is subleasing the property ...

Dave Says - June 29, 2015

Where should you save for large expenditures when you're doing the Baby Steps?

It's Never Too Late

LIke Dave says, "You can wander into debt, but you can't wander out!" My husband Bob and I wandered financially for 24 years of marriage, always trying to out-earn our stupidity. By the grace of God, we found Dave's program and began to implement it. We had good retirement savings and relatively little debt, but by following Dave's Baby Steps, we cleaned up what debt we had and built our cash savings. We eliminated "stupid" for good! Along the way we improved our communication and respect for one another. Now we are doing more than hanging on until retirement; we're actually enjoying our present! We are feeling a greater sense of freedom and security than we had previously known. And we see God's Hand more clearly in our daily lives. How can you beat that? Thank you, Dave!
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