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HOLLYWOOD -- Meryl Streep, who won Oscars for "Kramer vs Kramer" (1980), "Sophie's Choice" (1983) and "The Iron Lady" (2011), just received word from The Hollywood Foreign Press that she'll be the recipient of the Cecil B. DeMille Award at its Golden Globes ceremony on Jan. 8. In addition to the three Oscar winners, Streep has won Golden Globes for "The French Lieutenant's Woman" (1981), "Adaption" (2002), "Angels in America" (2003), "The Devil Wears Prada" (2006) and "Julie & Julia" (2009). Streep is only 67, but many stars feel this award is the industry's way of saying they're at the end of their career.

That may have been true for Barbara Stanwyck, 78; Laurence Olivier, 75; Robert Mitchum, 74; Henry Fonda, 74; Gene Hackman, 72; Alfred Hitchcock, 72; Anthony Quinn, 71; Cecil DeMille (the first recipient), 71; and Maurice Chevalier, 70, but Judy Garland, 39, went on to a huge singing career, while Charlton Heston, 43, made 27 more films. Jody Foster, honored four years ago, at 50, is still going strong with "Elysium" (2013) and film directing.

Streep, far from done, next stars in "Mary Poppins Returns," with Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins and Lin-Manuel Miranda (of "Hamilton" fame) playing a Dick Van Dyke-type character. It's set for a Christmas 2018 release.
Lin Manuel Miranda, the toast of Broadway, is now under contract to Disney. In addition to doing "Mary Poppins Returns," he wrote the music and sang on the soundtrack of "Moana" and is set to moonlight, from Disney, in "Speech & Debate" as a genie.

Jessica Rothe, who stars with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in the new hit musical film "La La Land," is set to star in a musical remake of the 1983 Nicolas Cage film "Valley Girl" (the original cost $350,000 to make and grossed $17 million).  Cage will next be seen in the sci-fi film "The Humanity Bureau," coming in 2017.
Bradley Cooper, hard at work on directing his first film, "A Star is Born," with Lady GaGa, will next star in "Atlantic Wall," about an American paratrooper operating behind enemy lines before D-Day. It's due in 2018.
The success of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," has made TV magazines and news shows speculate that a sequel is a forgone conclusion, but insiders at Disney say there won't be one because "Rogue One" is a prequel and a stand-alone "Star Wars" story, and the sequel was already made as "Star Wars: A New Hope." 
I usually end with a joke, but the recent election was no laughing matter.  Enjoy this holiday season -- it may be a very different world next year. 

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PHOTO: Meryl Streep
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