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What characteristics would help someone pass the "Best" test? That is, what are the characteristics of those who become the "best" at what they do? Here are some thoughts:

The Best are optimists. You can’t get to the top if you don’t think that there is a top or if you think you can’t make it.
The Best have vision. They can see ahead of others. Their eyes aren’t locked into the here & now. They see the bright future and what things will look like when they reach their destiny. 
The Best relentlessly pursue excellence. The status quo is not for them. They want to be the best and experience the best. And that means giving their best. They go the extra mile.
The Best have a life long habit of personal growth. They don’t want to stay at the level they are at. They want to grow in every area of their life. And they put themselves in situations where they will grow.
The Best welcome competition. Like the lead runner in the race, the best know that the competition is right behind them. They love it because they know that the competition keeps them from becoming lazy and resting on their laurels. Instead, they go faster and achieve more—they remain the best by forging ahead.
The Best leave a legacy. They aren’t in it just for themselves. Rather, they build things that last beyond themselves, things that can be enjoyed by others as well.
The Best focus on building relationships. Success does not come alone. Everyone who achieves much does it with the help of countless others. How do the Best get others to help them?They treat them right. They embrace them and help them. People become the best because they help others, and people like them.
The best make no excuses. When they fail they admit it and move on. They get back up and do it right the next time. They let their actions speak louder than their words. They stand tall and do the right thing the next time. No excuses, just results.
The Best understand that “good” is the enemy of the best. They could say, "this is good enough." But that would mean they have settled for less than the best. Many people think that good is good. Good is not good. Good is the enemy because it keeps us from the best. Choose your side: the good or the best. 
The Best dare to dream. While others live in a rut, the Best dream of a better life. And then they take the risks necessary to achieve their dreams. They go to college, take a new job, learn a new skill, volunteer...the possibilities are endless.

K.A. Lesnar,
Sioux Falls Shopping News

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